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Julie Luther has been my trainer for 10+ years. She's always been very focused on helping me define and meet goals, and getting me to stretch my limits. Julie is VERY creative in our training sessions - I know we have NEVER repeated a routine (and we've trained over 200 times together), and she ALWAYS has a wide variety of NEW exercises to test me. I highly recommend Julie Luther to anyone who wants an upbeat, high energy trainer who WILL push you to be your best!

Todd H.

My wife and I have been members for more than 15 years. PurEnergy is large enough to offer all that we need, but small enough that we are not lost in the crowd. As we get older, we have been able to maintain healthy conditioning by coming here. We love the staff, the equipment, and the trainers...



Charles C.

I have been a member at the Mega Sport Club in town for a long time and have bought several package deals with a personal "trainer." I used the quotes there, because my trainer was not qualified to train. Many times after my sessions, I would feel pain where I know I shouldn't feel pain. That is because I was not being taught correctly or being watched to make certain I was in the right position so as to prevent injury. I am so glad I found Julie and have her as my personal trainer. She has quite the well-trained eye and she knows her stuff! I never feel pain in the wrong places anymore. Julie is very mindful that her clients are using proper form and technique. I just can't put into words what a difference Julie and her staff have made in my life. There is so much positive energy at Pure Energy that you can't help but feel motivated. She/they push their clients to be the best we can be, but they would never ask us to do anything beyond what they know we can handle. They are professionals. Julie inspires me with her encouragement, patience, and enthusiasm. She actually makes working out fun! I wouldn't change a thing.

Kay K.

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August 30, 2015

PurEnergy saved my life!    

     When I turned 65 years young in January 2014, I made a decision to live a healthier life. All my life I have joined in aerobics classes, whether at the church or in a local setting, however, due to injuries from a car accident, I had stopped for several years.

      Julie Luther’s PurEnergy has made exercising an option for me again. Annette, at the Front Desk was very cordial and very helpful to me, and offered her assistance with the fitness schedules. I joined the PE fitness program in February 2014. In 2015, I had worked up my strength enough to begin one-on-one training with Ms. Robin McCloskey. This one action rebooted my healthy lifestyle. Robin gave me the greatest advice and training. Her disposition is refreshing and supportive.

     I have scheduled right rotor cuff surgery for September 4, 2015. I am looking forward to recovering from this surgery and returning to a full schedule of fitness classes at PurEnergy.





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