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NOW is the time to get your butt in GEAR to reach your fitness goals in 2020!

January 2020

Now is the time to set in gear for 2020. Here are some of my tried and true tips to get you on the road to your best YOU in 2020.

👌Write your goals on a 3x5 card – put it by your bed and read it aloud every morning and every night until you know it by heart – now make it your mantra!

👌Create a picture in your mind of the end result – for example how you will look, feel act when you are there – think of this picture as often as possible – when driving your car & especially when you are having negative thoughts of reaching your goal

👌Plan – did you know that only about 3% of the people in the world actually plan – and these people are also among the most successful people in the world!! Take time out each Sunday to plan your meals, and your exercise for the week – then stick to the plan!!

👌Journal – each evening take a few minutes to jot down thoughts about your goals keeping a journal like this will help you see what works, what doesn’t work and what your patterns are for behavior throughout the year

👌Start paying attention to the process of getting fit – how is your breathing, do like that sensation? Feel you muscles contract and release – do you like that? Focus on technique – whether you are running or performing abdominal exercises – pay attention to the action – what do you like about that? Successful goal attainment means liking the process!

👌Log your thoughts – when you think of something that will help you reach your goals write it down –that means having something handy all the time to write on or telling your phone. Channel your thoughts away from scattered thinking to focused thinking to keep you gaining on the goal.

👌Delegate – make sure you leave enough time to complete tasks that lead to your goal – have family members take over some roles – have friends help you once or twice a month with other obligations. And anything that you can completely drop – drop. You can not start something new unless you are willing to drop something old.

👌Just do it!! I know this is old news but sometimes you just have to do it – just pick up one foot then the other and do it – you will have a great feeling of accomplishment when it is through!

👌This year are you trying to lose some weight? How much should you lose each week? Well it takes 3500 calories to lose one pound of ugly fat – when you consider it takes about 1 hour to burn off 300 calories (about the amount of calories in one bagel) we are looking at slow weight loss. Plus the slower you lose it the better chance you have of losing fat – not lean tissue. So look to lose 1 lousy pound per week - believe it or not this will be challenging enough. Burning and/or reducing food intake by 500 calories a day will create that 1 pound weight loss each week.

Now pick one of the ideas above and get going on 2020!!






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