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Ten Tips to Keep Your Fitness and Nutrition Program Going Strong!

10 Tips to Start or Keep a Fitness and Nutrition Program Going Strong

1 – Imagine yourself as a role model.

Who inspires you? Display a picture of them and then write a brief paragraph about how they inspire you. Then make a sincere attempt to adopt their success. What would they do in any particular situation…then do it.

2 – Stop thinking you have to dedicate your whole life to losing weight.

Exercising and eating right does not take up all of your brain cells or time. It is something you can easily dedicate to practicing just 4 times a day. Once for your exercise program and the other 3 times to eating healthy meals. Enjoy your life!

3 – Clean the slate every day.

So you didn’t reach your fitness or nutrition goal yesterday. Let it go. Begin each morning with a fresh outlook on yourself. You are capable of making good choices today!

4 – Don’t expect unbroken enthusiasm.

Just like life, your fitness and nutrition program is not going to always be easy. Some days you will be tired, cranky and just plain not interested. Accept that this will happen and trudge the road to success that day. Sooner or later you will be excited about it again. Especially if you stick to your good habits and can feel or see the difference in how your clothes fit or how much energy you have.

5 – Recognize there is no such thing as too busy.

The research has shown again and again that the busiest people in the world exercise. For that matter a research study done in 1996 found that the ONLY common denominator among happy people was that ALL happy people exercise. So MAKE time to plan your meals, exercise and be happy.

6 – Find accountability.

Join a group, hire a personal trainer or nutritionist, tell a friend or family member or co-worker. Be accountable to someone for your behavior and I might also suggest be someone else’s accountant. Help each other every day make the right choice.

7 – Think of yourself as a beginner.

Be willing to listen and learn…even if you THINK you are going to hear or learn the same tired advice. Think like a newbie, you might just find out something you heard before really works OR you might actually do what you heard before OR you might hear something new.

8 – Stray from the herd.

If you are going to change your behavior, you will probably need to change your playmates and your playgrounds. Hang out with folks that are already taking good care of themselves and stop eating in establishments that carry fattening unhealthy food choices. And by all means STOP going to all you can eat buffets. NO ONE needs to eat ALL THEY CAN EAT!

9 – Stop over thinking.

Put down the self-help book and start doing the work!! Begin simply each day with 1 goal of behavior change.

10 – Adopt one of the first 9 tips each day for 9 days.

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Julie Luther is the founder and president of PurEnergy Fitness Center in Greensboro. She has been helping community organizations and individuals create healthier lives for over 30 years. You can reach her at

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