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New research in the fitness industry has uncovered the reason some folks seem to struggle to get fit. It’s genetics. A number of genetic factors contribute to folks being “non-responders”. If you think you might suffer from this genetic malady, then smart training can help you become an “overcomer”! Multiple research studies have concluded you can overcome your bad genetics by manipulating the intensity of your workout, the duration of each session and by adding resistance training to your regimen.

  • A 2015 study conducted my Ross, deLannoy & Stotz investigated whether cardio of differing intensities and durations effected cardio-respiratory fitness level. What they found was that the easier shorter sessions had about 33% of the folks non-responding. In other words, no results for about 1/3 of the participants. As the workout sessions got harder and longer only about 15% of the folks did not respond to the exercise and finally the high intensity long sessions of cardio had Zero non-responders.

  • A second study of Interval Cardio Training by Bacon et al in 2013 showed the same effect. Optimally intervals of 3-5 minutes of super high intensity training followed by 2 minutes of rest is the best for getting everyone to respond!

  • Finally, in 20112 Wayne Westcott reviewed all the research that was conducted on strength training and found that everyone responds to strength training, everyone, young, old, even the infirmed.

So here are my suggestions for becoming an “Overcomer”

  1. Plan to train 3 – 5 days a week, work that into your schedule

  2. One day increase the duration of your cardio workout by 15 – 30 minutes

  3. Two days increase the intensity of your cardio workout to the “very hard” perceived exertion scale

  4. One day of short cardio intervals (10 bouts of 15 – 30 seconds with 1-2 minutes of rest) followed by more moderate intensity cardio

  5. One day of super long cardio intervals (5 bouts of 3-5 minutes of work with 1-2 minutes of rest)

  6. Add 2 days of resistance training to your regimen, perform compound exercises 3 sets of 15 – 20 repetitions (squat, lunge, chest press, row, shoulder press)

  7. Finally hire a reputable fitness trainer to help you learn how hard you should be working when it comes to intensity and to make sure your technique is correct on your strength training.

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