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Being the Best you can be During the Holidays and Any Day!

Temptation - It looms on the horizon…waiting to lasso us into making unhealthy choices. Hanging there, making us do things that we know are not in our highest good. Whether it be a few too many holiday candies, a little extra wine at the office party, or stuffing ourselves with too many servings of our favorite meal. Temptation will always be with us; and I say “thank goodness”. Temptation is one of life’s miracles that shows us who we are.

Temptation proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we hold the power. We hold the power day in and day out to choose who we are. We become, every day, who we are by the choices that we make. So how can we connect the choices we make with the person we want to be? How can we say no to temptation and stick with our health & fitness goals? Try putting into practice these 4 steps and watch yourself become the best you can be!

#1– Let your guard down.

Oh, now that’s a scary thought. Why in the world would you want to do that?!? To make choices that are in your highest good you need to stop trying to protect yourself from suspected put downs, barbs or insults from others. All of us, at one time or another, have experienced being ridiculed for our dreams, goals or our opinions, and it hurts. So we have a tendency to shield ourselves from hurt by shelving our dreams. But to truly live your highest life, able to avoid temptation, you must be willing to open up and express your highest desires and live them. So to complete this step, take 10 minutes every evening to journal your fears. What is the worst that could possibly happen if you truly aspired to live your highest life? Write about them until you are fully comfortable with them and can accept that living your highest life will have some losses and disappointments, but that the joy of becoming who you really want to be far outweighs the chances you will take.

#2 – Dream a little or a lot!

Now that you are brave and fearless (or maybe just more open and ready) use that 10 minutes each evening to journal your innermost desires. Begin with some quiet time with pen in hand, reflect on your day, and then open up the door to your innermost self. Anything that comes to mind write down. You might begin by simply writing the words, “What I want…” or “Who I really am is…Give yourself plenty of time to get to know all about your innermost desires. And never stop performing this step as your desires and wants change as you become more of the person you are meant to be.

#3 – I am the power.

Now that you are unafraid (mostly), and you know what your want, it is time to develop your plan of action. Each evening use your 10 minutes to explore the Give and the Get. At the top of a piece of paper make 2 columns. Column 1 is the Give and column 2 is the Get. List all of your wants, dreams and desires in the Get column. When you have listed them all, select one, a relatively easy one, as your first goal. Now under the Give column list what you are willing to give (or give up) in order to accomplish your selected Get. According to the law of cause and effect, nature promises us that the effect (the Get) is guaranteed, as long we are creating the correct cause (the Give). Read this list out loud to yourself morning and evening until you know it by heart. Now you are ready for the final step.

#4 – Do!

Now that you have let your guard down, discovered your innermost dreams and desires and acknowledged that YOU are the power the only thing left between who you are now and who you want to be is action. Be bold…work through your list of Gives. Each evening, with your now sacred 10 minutes, journal about the steps you are taking, congratulate yourself on what you are doing well and acknowledge what still needs work. Let the becoming begin!

Happy Holidays to all, Julie






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