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Live a Peak Life!

Living at Your Peak

Performing at your best, being in “flow”, feeling invigorated and excited about life, sounds wonderful, huh? Want some of it? Peak days can happen if you are feeling energized, healthy and fit. You become energized healthy and fit by exercising and eating a healthy diet. In fact, exercise and a healthy diet have been proven to keep your neurons firing efficiently and effectively. And certainly exercise and healthful eating will keep you “fueled up” with energy to get more work completed. Best of all a good exercise program and diet plan will keep you feeling good from the inside out as you create a healthier body.

First let’s take a look at exercise and how you can add more into your daily life to keep you feeling refreshed and alive. Take this test to see how active you are now. PS. One of the best way to add calorie burn into your day is to add daily living activities into your day…sitting at a computer or in front of the TV burns no more calories than sleeping!

  • Do you climb stairs daily?

1-5 flights 1 point

6-9 flights 2 points

10 or more 3 points

  • Do you run errands and attend meetings during your daily schedule?

More than 6 times daily 1 point

  • Do you walk daily?(20 city blocks = 1 mile)

½ mile 1 point

1 mile 2 point

2 miles 4 points

3 miles 8 points

4 or more 10 points

  • Do you perform household chores daily?

Up to 5 hours 1 point

Add up your score.

7 or more points You are creating enough activity in your day to enhance your body and your health.

3-6 points You need to find ways to increase your activity.

0-2 points Your body and health are at jeopardy due to your lack of physical activity.

Try to find a way to be a 7. Someone that is willing to walk around, take stairs and the like. Here are some extra ways to add further walking into your workday.

  • Take the opportunity once a week (or more) to walk to your colleagues’ offices when you need to speak with them instead of using the phone or office email.

  • Keep a pair of walking shoes in your workspace and walk during your breaks on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Take an extended walk during your lunch hour on Wednesdays.

Walking isn’t the only activity you can do to keep yourself running full steam head. Check out the Desk-er-cise Program below. You can wake yourself up or chill yourself out by incorporating them into your day.

Perform each activity 1 – 3 times per day for 5 –10 repetitions.

Rock The Baby

Clasp hands to elbows and swing your arms and gently twist your torso side while sitting in a chair

Shoulder Rolls

Roll your shoulders from front to back

Air Walking

Sit on the edge of your chair and swing your arms with bent elbows while marching your feet

Power Sitting

Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet as wide as the legs of the chair, stand up and sit back down.Make sure your weight stays in your heels and your knees stay over your ankles.

Leg Raises

Sit on the edge of your chair one leg extended out in front of you - the other knee bent with your foot flat on the floor, lift and lower the extended leg 10 times - switch legs

Exercising is great but is only half of the picture. Your diet is equally important to keep you working at your peak and feeling energized and happy. In fact, what you eat is directly related to your enthusiasm for life, your mood, your level of concentration and your ability to make good decisions. Here are some simple tips you can utilize to render your diet a positive influence on your day.

Eat breakfast. Breakfast provides a good foundation to build on the rest of the day. If you skip it, you’ll regret it because your midday slump will come at 10 in the morning before anything has been accomplished, and the doughnuts your colleagues brought in are too easy to grab.

Eat at regular intervals. Don’t skip meals. Instead plan to spread your meals out over the day. For example, eat half of a bagel at 11:30, soup at 12:15, and a banana at 1:00 instead of a heavy lunch at 12:30. You will experience an increase in your energy level from your well-balanced blood glucose levels.

Use timesavers. Buy precut and bagged lettuce, baby carrots, and frozen vegetables. Then spend some time on Saturday or Sunday deciding what you are going to eat for the next week, then precut, prepackage, and prepare your meals as much as possible. Strive to cut your trips to the snack machine by ½.

Drink water. I know this is old news – just do it! Aim to drink 64 ounces during the day, ending around 6:00 (so you won’t disturb your night’s sleep). Water helps to curb your cravings and you will be surprised to find that you aren’t as hungry as you normally are.

Add two servings of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies are naturally high in fiber, so they fill you up with few calories, leaving little room for those fattening desserts that are sitting in the break room.

Now to review your “To Do” list for the day.

  • Add exercise into your workday to increase the amount of calories you burn and your energy level.

  • Plan healthful foods into your workday.This will help you reduce your calorie intake and keep your blood glucose levels running smoothly so you will experience increased energy, pleasant moods and a higher level of concentration!

Now excuse me while I take the stairs and get another bottle of water to go with my strawberries.

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