​PurEnergy Group Exercise Classes are taught by expert instructors. We pride ourselves on the fact that our classes are 100% self choreographed. We mix it up to keep you challenged! Every day is different, every class is different. PurEnergy instructors spend the time to create challenging classes to get you fit while having fun!

Mind Body


  • Yoga: lengthen and strengthen your muscles while adding balance to your fitness routine.

  • Arthritis Yoga: chair class designed for people with arthritis, this gentle and flowing class keeps joints supple and strong.

  • Gentle Yoga: this class is gentle enough for those with arthritis and joint replacements.  Each position has modifications to meet all physical needs.

  •  TRX: body weight toning using TRX brand suspension trainers.

  • Sculpt/Strength: resistance training using any number of fitness tools like dumbbells, balls and tubing.

  • Circuit:  fast paced class designed to challenge your muscles and fitness level. This  workout can be modified so all fitness levels are welcome.  

  • Men's Mobility:  we teach the fundamental differences between flexibility and  

    mobility for men.

  • Cardio/Sculpt: fast paced class that will sculpt your muscles while challenging your heart



  • Spin: PurEnergy brought spin to Greensboro in 1997. Our instructors make sure you have a fantastic ride. Join us as we travel to upbeat music on our indoor spin bikes.  Each class is color coded so you know what you're getting everytime. See schedule for details.

  • Pedal & Pump: 30 minutes of intense sppinning and 30 minutes of body sculpting!

  • Aerobics - Good ole low impact aerobics for a fun dance based exercie class

Silver Sneakers

  • Seated Class: a fitness class for balance, endurance and strength. Most exercises are done sitting in a chair, but can be performed standing for increased intensity.

  • Aerobics: Low impact cardio set to a lively beat. All classes include a cardio, strength and core component. No chairs.





        6.00 AM - 2PM


​        7.30AM-12.00PM






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